Allen & Rocks Wins 2016 SatisFacts National Resident Satisfaction Award

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We are thrilled to announce that we are a SatisFacts 2016 national resident satisfaction award winner. We achieved a Superior Portfolio Score of 4.44 out of 5 ranking in the Top Scoring Properties in the Nation! To put these awards in context, SatisFacts works with about 300 companies and nearly a million apartment homes nationally. Earning this is not a random accomplishment – it’s based on perceptions by our residents that the company’s leadership and team members are really focused on the best practices that impact satisfaction and retention!

Satisfacts Research offers the following tribute:, “Our experience working with nearly a million units annually means that when we see award winning scores – it validates that a company and their team go well beyond talking about great service, not just ‘talking the talk’ but also ‘walking the walk.’ Allen & Rocks, Inc. understand the win-win that comes from delivering superior service: residents win because their satisfaction grows, and they reward the community by renewing their lease; these positive perceptions ultimately positively impact the company and properties’ online reputation; and, ownership wins by minimizing turnover, avoiding the high cost associated with every move-out, and also reaping the marketing benefits of having a great online reputation.”

“Quality assurance has always been an area of great passion, focus and attention for Allen & Rocks, and as it relates to resident feedback, we invest time and resources in measuring this performance – understanding the value of opening up the doors of communication with residents due to its impact on bottom line performance. Even more impressive than their focus on customer service delivery is their never-ending desire to improve. Allen & Rocks is clearly driven to improving service delivery an on-going process.”

SatisFacts Research:
SatisFacts Research is the multifamily industry’s resident satisfaction research and retention authority. SatisFacts’ satisfaction survey and feedback systems Take the Guesswork Out of Retention™, and help clients reduce turnover and grow NOI. Having worked with millions of units nationally, SatisFacts is the industry’s retention authority.

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